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WorkForce Pro: How to backup and restore a printer configuration

This article will explain how to back up your printer’s configuration using Epson Device Admin

Which tool can I use to back up a printer configuration?

To back up the printer configuration we recommend using Epson Device Admin.

This tool allows you to create configuration templates from existing devices, you can restore those templates later on the same device or on other devices, even on different models.


Only settings supported by the printer can be changed.

Can I use EpsonNet Config or the Webconfig to save the printer configuration?

The Epson Workforce Pro WF-8010, WF-8090, WF-8510, WF-8590 and R8590 do not allow saving and restoring settings using EpsonNet Config or from the webconfig page. You need to use the Epson Device Admin tool to do a backup.


EpsonNet Config can only manage the backup and restoration of the contact list.

  1. to backup the contact list, open the Printer configuration from EpsonNet Config
  2. In the Contacts section, you can Import or Export the contact list (see the example below)

How to download Epson Device Admin?

Epson Device Admin can be found on the Epson support website for each printer or click here.

Which printer settings can be saved and restored?

Many of the printer settings that can be modified through Epson Device Admin tool can be saved and restored later.

Below is a table showing which settings can be saved and restored:

Template Information   YES
Network Interface Network Ethernet YES
    Wi-Fi YES
    Wi-Fi (Details) YES
  TCP/IP Basic YES
    Basic (IPv6) YES
    DNS (IPv6) YES
    ICMPv6 YES
    Bonjour YES
    UPnP N/A
    Internet YES
  MS Network Basic YES
    Printer N/A
    File YES
  AppleTalk   N/A
  AirPrint   N/A
  SNMP Basic YES
    IP Trap YES
    IPX Trap N/A
  Access Control Printing Control N/A
    Port Control YES
  Timeout   YES
  Security SSL/TLS YES
    Kerberos Settings YES
    IPsec/IP Filtering YES
    IEEE802.1X YES
Copy Copy Operation   N/A
Scan Basic   YES
  Scan Mode   N/A
  Mail Settings   N/A
Printer Paper Source   YES
  Print   N/A
  Error   YES
  Printer Language   YES
PDL Print Configuration Common Settings   NO
  ESC/PS Enviroment   N/A
  ESC/Page Enviroment   N/A
  PCL Enviroment   NO
  ESC/P2 Enviroment   N/A
  FX Enviroment   N/A
  I239X Enviroment   N/A
  PS3 Enviroment   NO
Fax Line   YES
  Transmit   YES
  Reception   YES
  Communication   YES
  Print   YES
  Security   YES
  Mail Settings   YES
Common Control Panel   YES
  Device Settings   N/A
  Time   YES
  Timeout   YES
  USB Settings   NO
  Energy Saving   YES
  Mail Server Settings   YES
  Contacts   YES
Administrator Settings Administrator Information   YES
  Favorite   N/A
  Default Mode   NO
  Panel Lock   YES
  Access Limitation   YES
  Password   YES

How to backup and restore settings with Epson Device Admin?

Once you have discovered the printer on your network and it is available in the list,

  1. Right click on the printer name and select Save as configuration template

  2. Enter a template name and click Save

  3. Once the template has been created the settings can be modified. To view or edit your template click on the Configuration Menu

    To restore a configuration to a printer, right-click on your printer name and select Apply configuration template

  4. Select the destination printer for the updated configuration template

  5. You can also upload a template directly from the Devices menu, right click on the printer name required for updating and select Apply configuration template, and select the template you want to upload.

Supported models:

WorkForce Pro WF-8010 WorkForce Pro WF-8090 WorkForce Pro WF-8510
WorkForce Pro WF-8590 WorkForce Pro WF-R8590 WorkForce Pro WF-R5190
WorkForce Pro WF-R5690 WorkForce Pro WF-6590 WorkForce Pro WF-6090

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