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What is 3LCD Reflective Technology and what are the benefits?


  • Projectors using 3LCD Reflective Technology


Epson leads the market in the development of projector technology. The majority of Epson projectors use a 3LCD projection engine to deliver bright, clear images that are rich in detail and colour. All 3LCD projectors use a 3-chip, solid-state optical engine to deliver incredibly bright, true-to-life colour, creating an astonishing level of realism with every viewing. In contrast, 1-chip sequential colour projectors use a rotating colour wheel that spins at a rapid speed and displays colours sequentially. For some users this results in images displaying colour break-up or "rainbow effect", which can distract from the viewing experience. Projectors powered by 3LCD technology have no colour breakup or "rainbow effect".

Benefits of 3LCD technology include:

  • Amazing colour.
  • High Colour Light Output - a key indicator of picture quality.
  • Bright images (high brightness, or White Light Output).

For more information, please read our feature article "Explore 3LCD - Colour Light Output" and its accompanying Factsheet.

3LCD Reflective technology

3LCD Reflective technology builds on the established 3LCD system. Highs of up to 1,000,000:1 in dynamic contrast ratio are made possible by the 3LCD Reflective panels in combination with Epson's new auto iris. This produces deeper blacks and brighter whites while giving richness to the colours, making them lush and lifelike across the spectrum for the ultimate viewing experience. 3LCD Reflective panel technology also offers a finer gradation of colours and wide colour gamut.

3LCD Reflective panel technology is not only quicker but smoother, boasting an ultra-fast response time which enables the capture of even the fastest of moving images and reduces blur. Epson has also increased the aperture ratio which significantly reduces the inter-pixel spacing, lessening the "screen door" effect.

The C2 Fine technology that enabled high contrast ratios in transmissive 3LCD panels has been optimised for use with 3LCD Reflective panels. Light efficiency and brightness are boosted and power consumption reduced.

Home cinema devotees will be reassured to learn that none of the benefits of Epson's standard 3LCD technology are lost. Images are brought to life in rich and vivid colour. Epson's range is further known for its wide colour gamut, coming from the smoother gradation and wider tonality in the dark end of the gamma palette. The end user benefits from a clear picture and lack of dither noise, even during the darkest scenes.

Other benefits of Reflective technology include:

  • A high Colour Light Output (CLO), deeper blacks and brighter whites.
  • 3LCD Reflective panels have a thinner cell gap and reduced inter-pixel gap.
  • Compact optical engine, allowing easy positioning on a small shelf or restricted ceiling mount.
  • Increased energy efficiency with a thinner panel, improved light efficiency and brightness, and reduced power consumption.

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