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My projector displays an error when I stream certain content from an Apple TV device. What's wrong?


  • Epson home cinema projectors connected to an Apple TV via HDMI


When streaming rented movies or other HDCP-protected content from an Apple TV you may experience the following error:

    "This content requires HDCP for playback. HDCP isn't supported by your HDMI connection. Use the component video connection to watch this content" - 1st Generation

    "This content requires HDCP for playback. HDCP isn't supported by your HDMI connection." - 2nd & 3rd Generation

This error means that the player (the Apple TV) is not receiving the required HDCP encryption key from the display device (the projector). However, this is likely to be due to either your HDMI cable or the Apple TV itself and not an issue with your projector. We recommend the following:

  1. Check your HDMI cable. Your HDMI cable must be HDCP 1.3 compliant and conform to HDMI specifications. Test the connection with another cable. Note that using a long cable may cause HDCP issues due to loss of signal or delayed communication.

  2. If you are using a switch or similar device, connect the Apple TV and projector directly, and test the playback again.

If your projector is otherwise able to display streamed content we recommend contacting Apple for further support as the issue may be due to an Apple TV system software update. You can find the (UK) Apple TV support website at:

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