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Asistenţă şi descărcări: Epson WorkForce WF-7515

My projector displays a pink screen when it's connected to a computer. How can I resolve this?


  • The projector's display has a pink or purple background
  • The projector is connected by a VGA cable to a computer


If your projector displays a pink or purple image or screen when connected to a computer, the problem is that the Input Signal setting is set to Component Video. To resolve the issue, change the Input Signal setting to Computer or RGB.

As menus, settings and remote controls vary by model, for information on how to change the Input Signal setting please refer to your projector's user guide. A PDF version may also be available to download from the support section of the Epson website.

If changing the input signal does not resolve the issue contact your local Epson for support.

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