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How to set up a Quick Wireless Connection between a Windows PC and a projector using the Quick Wireless Connection USB key (ELPAP09)


  • Wireless connection
  • These projector models:
    EB-1725, EB-1735W, EB-1760W, EB-1770W, EB-1775W EB-1915, EB-1925W (optional Quick Wireless Connection USB key required)
    EB-1723, EB-1830, EB-1910, EB-1920W, EB-440W, EB-450W, EB-450Wi, EB-460, EB-460i, EB-825, EB-826W, EB-85, (optional Wireless LAN unit & optional Quick Wireless Connection USB key required)


You can use the supplied Quick Wireless Connection USB key to quickly connect one computer to one projector and start projecting images right away.

This function is available only when the "Wireless LAN unit" is installed in the projector.

Preparing the USB key

Start with storing the projector information in the USB key. Follow the steps below:

  1. Install the Wireless LAN unit. Refer to your projector's Quick Start Guide for instructions on how to install it.


    You must install the Wireless LAN unit before powering on the projector.

  2. Connect the power cable to the projector.

  3. Power on the projector.

    Using the control panel Using the remote control

  4. Slide open the A/V mute slide.

  5. Connect the USB key to the USB port on the projector.


    You must connect the USB key when the projector is powered on, or data will not be saved to the key.

  6. The projector will copy data to the USB key. When data is saved, a message is displayed on the projection screen.

  7. When you see the "Network information update complete" message, and the projector's indicator light is green, you can remove the USB key.

    The projector's access indicators also provide the projector status:

    Status Light
    Saving data
    Data saved
    Write error

    You can also run Quick Wireless Connection in the following network environments:

    • The "Wireless LAN unit" is installed and connected to a wireless network (WLAN) via a access point/router.

    • The optional "Ethernet unit" is installed and connected to the network via a wired LAN connection.

Setup on the computer - Projecting with the USB key

  1. Check that the projector is powered on.

  2. Power on your computer.

  3. When Windows has started up, connect the USB key to the computer.

    If your computer is running Windows 2000 or Windows XP as its operating system, a message asking you if you want to restart your computer will be displayed when the Quick Wireless Connection USB key is inserted for the first time. If this message is displayed, click No. The installation of the application for Quick Wireless Connection will then continue.


    If you use either Windows Vista or Windows 7, a user account control message may appear during installation, click Yes to allow the driver installation to continue.

  4. Driver installation starts automatically.

    This process only occurs when the USB key is connected for the first time.


    If installation does not start automatically, open My Computer and double-click on the drive that represents the USB key i.e. EPSON_PJ_QW, then double-click on LaunchQW.exe. Installation will begin.

  5. Select Agree to the software license agreement.

    You cannot run Quick Wireless Connection if the driver is not installed. Make sure you select "Agree". If you want to cancel the installation, click "Disagree".

  6. Computer images are projected.

    It may take some time before computer images are projected. Leave the setup as it is and wait until computer images are projected; do not remove the USB key or turn off the projector at this moment.


    • If images are not projected, use the computer and select Start > All Programs > Epson Projector > Quick Wireless Connection > Quick Wireless Connection V.x.x.

  7. To end computer image projection in this instance, remove the USB key.

    To uninstall the driver from your computer;

    • Windows 2000/XP - Open Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, and remove Quick Wireless Connection Vx.x.

    • Windows Vista - Open Control Panel > Programs and Features, and remove Quick Wireless Connection Vx.x

    • Windows 7 - Open Control Panel > Uninstall a program, and remove Quick Wireless Connection Vx.x

Information on making optional settings is available in your projector's EasyMP guide.


The Quick Wireless Connection USB key is strictly for use with Quick Wireless Connection. Do not use it for storing general data.

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