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Press Release: Epson Extends Cartridge Recycling Scheme to Large Format Printers


  • Press Release 23rd September 2008
  • New Stylus Pro GS6000 sold with recycling box
  • The Epson Stylus Pro Large Format Range


Epson Extends European Cartridge Recycling Scheme to Large Format Printers

New Stylus Pro GS6000 sold with recycling box

September, 23rd 2008 – Epson, a leading manufacturer of printers, LCD projectors and other imaging products, is extending the box collection element of its Collect&Recycle initiative to include empty ink cartridges from its Large Format Printers (LFPs). The initiative starts in the second half of September and will cover all models in the range.

LFP Recycling Collection Boxes

The Epson Collect&Recycle initiative has been running in Europe since February 2006 and has now become part of the company’s Environmental Vision 2050 sustainability programme (click here for a brochure). It operates a free box collection service across Europe and South Africa for empty cartridges from most of its printer range.

Customers from larger companies who tend to use cartridges relatively quickly can, starting in mid September, register online ( to request a collection box. This is delivered within five working days, and when full, the customer requests a pick-up and a replacement collection box if required.

Notes Icon Note:

100% of the cartridges collected through the scheme are recycled: their plastics components are re-used in manufacturing and construction, while metal parts are smelted and re-used in other industrial applications.

Stylus Pro GS6000

Epson’s new Stylus Pro GS6000, a 64” large format printer with an eight-colour ink set, unveiled at the FESPA Sign and Display exhibition in Geneva in April, is the company’s first LFP to come supplied with a recycling box for its spent ink cartridges. Customers using other Epson LFP models will also be able to order recycling boxes.

Collect&Recycle Promotion

Epson is running a promotion to encourage uptake of the Collect&Recycle programme. Customers using the GS6000 and users of myEpsonPrinter (a program that allows Epson LFP customers to manage their printer fleet online) who recycle their cartridges will be rewarded with PrintCredits, which can be collected and redeemed online at

Full boxes are collected in a local warehouse, then transported to Epson’s European hub in Luxemburg. Once sufficient volumes have been accumulated the empty cartridges are trucked to SIMS, a reputable international recycler in the Netherlands, where they are processed. SIMS uses the latest available technologies to ensure the highest possible recycling rates. It separates plastics from metals through a process that includes crushing and segregation by density.

Managing Epson's Environmental Impact

Claes Jeppsson, Epson’s Senior Business Manager Large Format Printers, said the company was keen to manage the environmental impact of its high European market share:

    “With leadership comes responsibility. A key element of Epson’s broad -ranging environmental commitments is to ensure a reduction in the number of ink cartridges that end up in landfills. We believe the best way to do that is to run a free, convenient and high-quality collection and recycling programme. I’m happy that we’ve now been able to extend this initiative to cartridges from our range of large format printers,” Claes Jeppsson said.

Epson is investigating cartridge recycling opportunities for those of its printers still not covered by the Collect&Recycle programme, and expects these to be in operation by 2009.

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The Recycling Collection Box (click the image for a full-size, high-res version)

About Epson

Epson is a global leader in imaging products including printers, 3LCD projectors and small- and medium-sized LCDs. With an innovative and creative culture, Epson is dedicated to exceeding the vision and expectations of customers worldwide with products known for their superior quality, functionality, compactness and energy efficiency.

Epson is a network of 88,925 employees in 109 companies around the world, and is proud of its ongoing contributions to the global environment and to the communities in which it is located. Led by the Japan-based Seiko Epson Corp., the Group had consolidated sales of 1,347 billion yen in fiscal 2007.

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